There's loads of information out there.  Here are some of our favourites.  (Let us know if there are any others we should be adding)


  • Online training diaries: if you're after a nicely laid out format, try Dailymile. For awesome functionality, go with Training Peaks. Have a look at 220 Triathlon's MyTri for diary, training plans and more. Compete against your pals using Strava.


  • Swim Smooth has all the information you could ever want on swimming. And then some more.

  • Training sessions: you can get free training sessions (i.e. let someone else do the thinking for you) from Sara McLarty and SwimPlan.

A TriDubai Saturday sea swim session. Does life get any better?!


  • Perhaps all you need to know about riding is contained in the Velominati Rules. Pay particular attention to Rule #5.


  • Kinetic Revolution regularly updates its excellent site - a lot of which relates to running off the bike.

  • Check out Sweat Science at Runner's World for cutting edge exercise science. And also Steve Magness' blog, the Science of Running. See McMillan Running for the famous McMillan running calculator (great for figuring out your training zone paces), as well as understanding some of the science behind it all.

Strength and conditioning


  • We also like this zone diet article from Inside Triathlon, that makes a lot of sense to us.


  • Gadgets: the most in-depth reviews you'll ever see of the latest Garmin and other triathlon gadgets from DC Rainmaker.