Underwater Video Analysis and Stroke Correction with DMSC.

The swim leg of a triathlon is for many people the most daunting of the three.  Yet it doesn’t need to be that way.  Improving your technique is one of the keys to improving your swim split (as well as setting you up properly for a decent bike and run).  And underwater video analysis is the best way to improve your technique – getting you faster with greater efficiency. 

Once you can see exactly what you are doing when you swim (it is often quite different to what you think you are doing!), and can compare the best way for you to swim with how you are actually swimming, then it can be a powerful way to change your stroke for the better.

Dubai Masters Swimming Club offers members of TriDubai underwater video analysis and stroke correction sessions.  Each 90 minute session includes:

  • the recording of your swim stroke in the pool;
  • playback of the video taken, along with a full technical analysis of your stroke given by a swim coach; and
  • back in the pool the coach will take you through a full stroke correction session working on the points made during the analysis of your stroke.

Session length:  90mins

Price:  AED 450 per session

Numbers:  Max 3 people / session

(Please provide a disc or USB so that you are able to take the recording away with you).

Please contact Crissy or Justin poolside at Dubai Masters Swim Club or on 050 574 7942 to arrange a session.