In Memory of Roy Nasr

In memory of Roy Nasr

Roy, who co-founded TriDubai, was tragically killed by a motorist whilst riding his bike near Safa Park in the early hours of Friday 6th September 2013.  He leaves behind his beloved wife Tina, his daughter Tala and his son Elie.  His family meant everything to him.  He is deeply missed.

TriDubai club members have organised certain things to honour Roy's memory, keep his spirit alive within the club, as well as celebrate the wonderful, inspirational, charismatic, generous and loving man that he was.  Have a look at the plans here - and please get involved where you can.

Please leave your messages of condolences/ your favourite memories of Roy/ what he meant to you/ memories of the fun you had with him.  We are sure that in due course his family will take some comfort from these words.

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