Remembering Roy Nasr

TriDubai club members got together to work out what we are going to do to honour Roy's memory.  We want to do some things that keep his spirit alive within the club, as well as celebrate the wonderful, inspirational, charismatic, generous and loving man that he was.

We've decided on doing the following things:  If you think you can help with anything specifically, please get in contact with us, and let us know!

1.  Roy's Beach

From this day forward, all triathletes will refer to the beach where we do the Saturday swim as "Roy's Beach".  We can't even remember what that beach was called before.  We'll also call the big buoy out there "Roy's Buoy". (The buoy may come and go - but (hopefully) the beach will always remain!).

2.  A-frames for the Saturday swims

We have got 2 A-frames made up with pictures of Roy on them.  Each one has a picture of Roy on one side, and the TriDubai logo on the other.

These A-frames are set up on the beach with us for each Saturday swim.  They'll serve as a nice sign for newcomers so that they can easily see that the big group of people in lycra really is TriDubai, and it means that Roy will still be there with us each time.  (And, just like before, he'll still be waiting patiently for you on the sand as you finish your swim).

3.  Memorial swim:  Saturday 28th September

The weekly Saturday swim session was very special to Roy.

On Saturday 28th September we had a memorial swim for Roy at Roy's Beach.  We arrived just before sunrise, and as the sun rose we set off candle lanterns into the sky.  You can find out more about the Memorial Swim in this report, as well as some photos of it here.

In true TriDubai fashion, we also gave away a free 'special edition' Roy Nasr TriDubai towel to everyone that comes along for the swim - and encouraged people to donate funds to the Roy Nasr Memorial Fund.

4.  Roy Nasr Memorial Super Sprint + Sprint triathlon:  Saturday 12th October

The Jones Lang LaSalle Super Sprint + Sprint triathlon on Saturday 12th October was renamed the Roy Nasr Memorial Super Sprint + Sprint triathlon.  The race sold out with more than 350 people signing up, and a team of over 50 volunteers helping with marshalling.  It was a fantastic event.  You can find out more about it on the Race ME Events website.

A Roy Nasr Memorial Trophy was also presented at the race (and will be presented at the first triathlon every year) to a triathlete that has provided inspiration to others.  The first ever winner of the Roy Nasr Memorial Trophy was Johan Moolman.

5.  'Remember Roy Nasr' TriDubai cycling tops

We are designing a special edition TriDubai cycling top.  This will be the design for the TriDubai club cycling top going forward, except this special edition version will also include a 'Remember Roy Nasr' logo.  These special edition TriDubai cycling tops will be given to every single participant of the Roy Nasr Memorial Ride (see below).

6.  Roy Nasr Memorial Ride

We are organising a large scale memorial ride in memory of Roy.  The exact date and route will be confirmed in due course, but this is likely to be some time in February or March 2014.  We would like everyone in the triathlon and cycling communities (and any other communities!) to take part:  it will be a nice slow ride in a large group.

Participants will need to register for the ride, and pay an entry fee.  (The entry fee will be about the cost of a brand spanking new cycling top - which all participants will receive!).  100% of the entry fees will then go into a charitable fund that will be created.

We will need a good deal of help organising + publicising the ride.

7.  Photobook

Many of us have got lots of lovely pictures of Roy in action (either on triathlon duty or smiling duty).  Please can you dig out your favourite photos, and send them in to us at this email address.  We'll then create a photobook of the best ones, and give copies to Roy's family.

8.  Memorial Bench/ Pagoda

We are looking into whether we can get a bench or pagoda put up on Roy's Beach that has a dedication to him on it.  It would be lovely if we could.  (Do you know people with 'wasta' - or better still do you have some wasta yourself?  Please get in touch if you think you could help!)

We miss you Roy!