Entry by lottery limited to 263 athletes (+-35 ladies)


▪️3.8km swim usually 11-16 degree C water
▪️180km bike 3614m elevation
▪️42.2km marathon elevation 850m (white finish time cutoff and after 160) and 1883m (black finish first 160 athletes or time cutoff)
▪️Weather 25 degrees but usually Armageddon-like!
▪️Self supported (Leonie Ballard Tremeer and Brett Smyth)


⛰️Thank you to all my friends for your support throughout training and the race.
⛰️Thank you Peter Weis for your guidence over the past year.
⛰️@jelenamjtcv for awesome core and strength training
⛰️DMSC and Urban Swim Brett Hallam for swimming squads
⛰️Hasan, Lynette, Mike, Diane, Andy and Stian for race advice. Alan Findlay for race gear tips and bike tech support.
⛰️TriDubai and Emma and Dee for midnight training cycling!
⛰️@beetitme Martin Bond for awesome beet shots
️Awesome sister Leonie and friend Brett Smyth for a very long day of support and putting up with a tired me️ Malin for Nxtri friendship!
⛰️Norseman for this incredible race.
⛰️FYI nutrition-Tailwind nutrition (thanks Lottie for the suggestion) /coke/Norwegian cheese sandwich, 1 marmite sandwich and water. No cramps or distress after first three hours. 1 kg lost only during the race.


I have tried to start this race report a few times but honestly it's hard to put this race and the impact it has on one into words. The experience was incredibly profound for me and I've never felt more connected to nature or my inner love of the outdoors as I did on August the 3rd 2019. So I've decided to mention a few things and then include images of the race for this report instead.

Norway is breathtakingly and dramatically beautiful. Every view seems more spectacular than the last. Especially so after training the desert of Dubai. The small town of Eidfjord is just perfect for the start of Norseman nestled in a valley in the arms of a beautiful fjord. Steep mountains surround it covered with trees trees and more trees. Yes the water was crazy cold a few days before the race (11.9) but luckily it was 16 C on race day which takes the bite out of the water for sure. 11 degrees C hurts.


I went in to this race feeling unprepared and not feeling very confident in any discipline. Adult onset sports induced asthma and an ankle injury had hampered training significantly this year so really wasn't sure I'd finish at all. With no expectations other than to do my best a lot of the usual race jitters simply weren't there and I decided just to take the event step by step. Having my twin sister and Brett Smyth managing my support (clothing changes, nutrition, cheering squad, timekeeper) was so lovely and really made a difference to the whole emotional experience of long distance racing.

This race is everything I had heard about and so much more. The course is brutal with icy cold water, fog and rough bumpy narrow open roads and mountains and mountains and mountains and more mountains, finishing the bike with the equivalent of Hafeet before another mountain (or or part thereof white finish) on the marathon. You cannot imagine the elevation gains or sheer enormity of Gaustatoppen mountain looming above you til you have seen it from below. Thank goodness I didn't make the black finish. Not sure I would have made that additional climb. Even Zombie hill 7.5km run @ 10% is not a hill at all. One's mind can play games here so keeping it strong is priority 1.


The people and the support is what made this race so lovely for me. It's a small group of triathletes and supporters and everyone looks after each other. I haven't felt such a personal touch to racing ever in other events. This race is about finishing it. 6% did not finish.


I took the race steady with the only goal to try to white finish. And I did. From the elation and thrilling fear of jumping off the ferry into black cold water to the endlessly brutal bike course I felt fine all day except quite tired and cold at the end during the last ten km walk. I am never one for much nutrition on the back end of the marathon (don't follow my example). We were lucky with the weather as historically it can be hailing, snowing and very windy as Andy and Hasan know all too well. It was cold til the top of the first 36km long 1.8km bike climb but warmed up after then and became a beautiful day. Just fairly chilly for the last ten km. Brett made the most of the final 5km laps disappearing on occasion to have a beer then come back and support me again lol. The last 5km was a series of endless loops accompanied by my sister and Brett holding me upright for the white finish.

I also volunteered for their medical cold water research project so spent a fair bit of time giving blood prior to and after the race and swallowing a temperature pill. More info at these links on the risks of cold water swimming.


Norseman lives up to its reputation and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Yes there is pain and mental grit and doubt and elation and so many other emotions but it makes you feel so incredibly alive. Our bodies can achieve so much more than we think they can as, long as our minds stay in control. I highly recommend Norseman if you're lucky enough to get in. Save up before hand as it's not a cheap country though. Lottery opens Oct 30th. 😊Apologies photos are a bit out of order but couldn't change them on this app. Thanks for reading!
Me after 'the jump' Edvard Munch 'The Scream' style. It was a tad cold.

Before seeing the camera crew streaming live getting more toilet paper from the dream team support for my unpredictable tummy 🤣
Finish photo. Gaustatoppen (monster) in the background.
The jump 👀
Bike course on the plateau.



Meeting a new friend Malin finally after 7 months instagram chatting. The marathon was mostly a brisk walk due to bursitis.
My support and awesome twister Leonie at Eidfjord. Love you to bits Leo.

Brett 😈(my camera crew and support) and I after Zombie Hill (I banned the word up from any conversation as was pretty tired by then) He was pretty cheeky trying to get me up 7.5km incline 'run' at 10%. But it worked 😉
Eidfjord practicing the jump. Into 11.9 Degrees that day. It took my breath away lol.

To finish a poem by Nxtri race volunteer and extraordinary man Bent Olsen which pretty much sums up the race experience.


Kieran Ballard Tremeer and team Leonie B-T and Brett Smyth. This is a team effort 100%.

Thanks for the Facebook support too! It helped loads.