*** many thanks to Mohammed Al Muhairi for this race report ***

My second Ironman 70.3 was the toughest race for me, and I participated in the past year in the Switzerland 70.3 race.  For Switzerland at the beginning the triathlon was very difficult and I was not ready for the whole race, but finished the race after suffering severely!  As for the 70.3 Hawaii on 1st June, I think I was ready, but the race was harder than I imagined.  However, thanks to TriDubai and all the benefits I gained from their experiences and training with the team I finished the race in good condition.

After a long journey by plane from Dubai to Los Angeles, I stayed one night in Los Angeles.  I then travelled the next day to Hawaii, which took five hours, and arrived in the night, six days before the race.  One the first day in the early morning I rode my bike for two hours, on the second day I swam and ran.  On the third day I rode the bike race course – which meant on the fourth day I felt very tired and took day off.

On the day of the race day I woke up early - I had organised my equipment the night before, and went to the site of the race.  I was a little nervous because the wind was strong that day.  I warmed up before the race and got ready psychologically for it.


I started swimming in a good frame of mind – I wasn’t getting hit by the crowd and I was very glad that was my speed was suitable but after reaching the third buoy I wanted to get to the finish line.  The wind was strong coming from the beach, and I saw people were stopping.  Then I started getting hit by others (including a blow to my head), which led to me stopping swimming a little because the strike has been very painful!  Eventually I completed the swim and got to the finish line.


Was not easy because the bike was at the beginning of the rack and I could not ride a bike but got help from one of the volunteers in the race.


The bike course was not an easy road, with the coming and going of a side wind, but I dealt with it as the race went along and managed to get back my strength despite the severity of the side wind.  I strongly held the handlebars to control my bike and got into T2 in good condition.  I had drunk plenty of fluids, ate a banana at the beginning, and had taken some Power Bar, some Gu, and salt tablets.


For the run I took salts tablet and started running very well.  I knew before the race day that the run would be on the golf course (so on grass) and I knew it would be harder than running on the street, and that it was also going to be hilly.  I decided not to run strongly in the beginning of the run course, but unfortunately suffered muscle cramps ten minutes after the beginning.  Luckily I was close to the aid station, so I drank plenty of water and took some electrolytes and was able to regain my powers and start running – and cautiously continued to the finish line.

In the end:

The race in  Hawaii 70.3 a nice experience, and a great way to gain experience in Ironman races.  I enjoyed the race - it was so fun, and I hope to join Hawaii Ironman 140.6 next time :)