*** many thanks to Roy Nasr for this race report! ***

Last Friday a great event aka The Sting took place at Wadi Adventures in Al Ain. It consisted of 3x (350m swim/7k bike and 1.5k run). It was lots of fun but quite hard as you are full on from the start (as you could see from my face expressions). The event was very well organized by David Mutch, a fellow member of TriDubai who is based at Al Ain and a major part of the proceeds was donated to Richard Holland who was hit by a car while he was riding three weeks ago and is still at the hospital fighting for his life.

Didge coming out of the swim (with Roy hot on her heels)Roy exiting the swim







TriDubai was well represented by the followingmembers who participated in the event : Nick Tipper (also captain of the Tribe), Chris Sellar, Peter Hallatt (aka The Torpedo), Paul Miles, Simon Aspden, Finn Zwager, Tony Arnell ( also a member of The Tribe), Deirdre Casey (Didge), Sonja Ellmann, Jessica Joselin and me. Forgive me if I missed mentioning anyone else.

The Sting was quite different from any other race in the UAE as it was legal to draft on the bike and the key was to find someone of similar abilities and form an alliance with. Accordingly, Didge and I had a great alliance and work very well together on the swim, bike and run. The first 350m swim was “horrible” as you had to fight your way among the 100 other swimmers and go around that first buoy. It was very unaerobic and felt quite exhausted as I exited the water, but was fresher than most of the rest as I truly believe that our Saturday Sea Swim helps a great deal in preparing you for this kind of racing and any triathlon racing in general.  The first bike/run were also hard but it helped to share the pain with Didge. Surprisingly, it got a bit easier on the second and third laps as I got into a rhythm and the body got used to a certain tolerance of lactic acid. In general the race favored the good swimmers and the 6 transitions played an important role in the overall finish time.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Didge on her bike!Roy pushing through the pain barrier







TriDubai achieved great results as follows : 1st male, 3rd male, 1st female, 2nd female, 3rd female, 1st Vet, 2nd Vet and 3rd vet!

David is planning to organize another race in early December : Club/Team Championship and TriDubai will certainly put together strong teams to represent us. More details to follow shortly.