*** many thanks to Gabriele Musolino for this race report ***


My triathlon journey started just last September and after 2 months here I am doing my first race.

The day before the race I made a list of things that I would need for the race day and I prepared them accurately.

That night I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, the morning after I prepared the last things and I left my house. Once I got there I checked in, found my location in the transition and prepared the area.


The briefing starts, rules understood and here we go for the start.

7.34am Sprint wave starts (750m)

Few more seconds and here we go.  I have to thank the Saturday sea swim session that we do because I knew what to expect and when! The start was fantastic, I received few punches from someone while I was trying to make some space and I could not get through, but after the first 100m people started slowing down and going zig zag so I made my way.

After the first buoy a girl passed me from the left, so I remembered what Ian said on his race report , I checked if she was going straight and then I followed her all the way to the finish line.

7.48am Transition

The transition lasted 1'10" and all I was worried about was the number belt.

7.50am Bike starts (24Km)

I was impressed from the power that I got out of my legs during these 24Km, I had an average of 32Km/h which can be normal for some people, but for me that I bought my first road bike last September was a big achievement.

The only thing I didn't really like was the drafting that some people did but, as I heard from someone, there will always be some people that go against the rules.

Last lap! I see the transition area coming up.

8.35am Transition

This time I made it in 01'08". I was getting a bit hungry so I got my gel and then off we go.

8.36am Run starts (5Km)

I started running at a good pace but after the first kilometer I had some pain in my stomach so I slowed down a little and I waited for the pain to go. By the time I was fine again I reached the 2.5km turning point, passed it and managed to regain my normal pace and in my mind I had the last 800m.

Once I got there I increased my speed to 14.5k and I passed 5 people.

Finally, after 1h30' I passed the Finish line, got my medal, my drink but the most important thing is that I wasn't racing against anybody…I was just trying to beat my limits and I always remember these words from the Garmin website : "Today's record is tomorrow's motivation".

After this fantastic experience my next goal will be the Ironman 70.3 Italy(Pescara) and next month I will also book the Ironman 70.3 Austin(Texas) for October 2013.

I hope you enjoyed this report.