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A number of our partners have kindly given deals to members of TriDubai.  Make use of them!


Vélo Presto offers bike servicing from their state of the art mobile workshop at your home or office.
The workshop is fully equipped with Park Tools and a full range of parts and accesories from brands such as: Shimano, SRAM, BBB, Continental, Vittoria, and more.
They also offer rental bikes that can be delivered to you or to the bike track of your choice, great way to get your friends into riding.
Travel bags and cases are also availbale for rent as well as a packing and unpacking service.
Operated by a bunch of friendly and experienced bike lovers.
TriDubai special offers:
20% off Major Service or Complete Overhaul (quote code TriDXB when booking)
20% off any service package (quote code TriDXB when booking)


SAVE 20% at
Coffee Planet buys the world’s finest specialty 100% Arabica coffee and roasts it here in Dubai. Choose from a premium selection of whole beans, ground coffee or Nespresso-compatible capsules to suit your individual taste and SAVE 20%.
Simply visit and enter the promo code CPTD at checkout to redeem the offer. 

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Rianca’s Pilates
Rianca works from her home studio in Umm Sequeim 1 and offers to all Tri Dubai members a 20% discount off private sessions until the end of 2017 (full price is 250 AED)
Private sessions involve the use of reformer, chair as well as mat and small equipment such as bands, balls and rollers.
“I am passionate about an individual approach. I want to know what you would like to achieve, do you have injuries, what are your weaknesses and strengths, are you training for a specific sport, or just looking for a fun work out? I take pride in tailoring exercises to suit your body and goals. The focus is always on doing the exercises mindfully to make the correct muscles fire. I am very happy to talk to your physiotherapist if you have specific injuries, or discuss with your coach which muscle imbalances need working on”
For some clients Pilates will be their main form of exercise, for others pilates is their weekly ‘maintenance session’ to complement a tough athletic training schedule..

‘Reasons to take ups Pilates with me:
***You train hard but don't make time to stretch, roll or work on your core***you have specific injuries and your physio is suggesting Pilates***You have no injuries and want to increase your strength***You are fed up getting injured in bootcamps***Your glutes are weak***your core needs strengthening***You want to have more leg power on your bike***you want more spinal rotation in your swimming***Your back, or shoulders are stiff***You easily get injured***You want to work on your posture***You work on a laptop all day***You are unfit and want a safe start***
For more information, also on group mat classes
050 887 0232,


Urban Swim Academy is Dubai’s newest and most exciting swim academy. With an array of services for kids and adults:
Learn to swim programs for both kids and adults. 
Development & Competition squads for kids. 
Private training in the comfort of your own pool or community pool.
Masters program for those looking to step up their swimming fitness or to get prepared for their next triathlon, with leading swim programs, insight advice and full stroke analysis.
Urban Swim Academy will offer TriDubai members discount on lane usage from the hours of 18:00-20:00. Two lanes will be made available from Sunday-Thursday for a cost of 50 dhs.
Members will be asked to sign a waiver and to show proof that they are Tridubai members (fb or app).

On pooldeck you will find these waivers as well as a honesty box where you will place your payment. 
Location: Horizon International School, Umm Al Sheif, Street 10A.


Blue Tree Clinics
Address your mobility concerns and discover the true meaning of physical health and wellbeing at Blue Tree Clinics. Physiotherapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment solution which can be employed to manage a range of musculoskeletal conditions.
Physiotherapy Can Help
Whether you’re experiencing problems in your body’s function or movement, are considering starting an exercise program, or want to improve your athletic performance, the dedicated team of physiotherapists at Blue Tree Clinics in Dubai can help you. Common complaints by current patients at our physiotherapy clinic include:
Limitations in movement
Preparing for an operation
Recovery from an operation
Sports injuries
Special Offer
20% Discount to TriDubai Members
Call 04 328 2686 and avail this offer today



20% discount off Runderwear products for Tri Dubai members

Runderwear is multi-sport underwear that is designed and engineered using 360 degree seemless technology to give you the ultimate comfort levels you need.  

Moisture wicking transport system
Ergonomically engineered to fit your body shape
Perforations in fabric to increase breathability
Chafe-free guaranteed

Please use discount code TRIDUBAI20

Don’t run commando


Unleash the Power of Beetroot. 10% off Beet It Sport products for TriDubai members.
Beet It Sport is a firm favourite of the sporting elite in endurance sports such as distance running, cycling and triathlon.  Beet It Sport’s hi-nitrate shot is 100% natural, and is rich in natural nitrates.  Effects of this include:

↑  Fatigue resistance
↑  Exercise efficiency
↑  Exercise performance
↓  Blood pressure
Please use promotional code TriDubai10

The Power of Beetroot

Get stronger and faster this season with TRX education and equipment. Using the patented TRX Suspension Trainer you can perform hundreds of bodyweight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

15% Off Member Code MFP-TRIMBR15%

TRX Education:

TRX Shop:

Trigger Point performance therapy kits and education come ready to work out all a triathlete’s sore spots. From massage balls, GRIDS and performance kits to foam rolling and myofascial-compression technique workshops we make it easier for you to take care of your body.

15% Off Member Code MFP-TRIMBR15%



Nutrition is often touted as the fourth discipline in triathlon and with SHOTZ gels, bars and tabs we keep you fueled right before, during and after a meet. SHOTZ products are gluten-free, contain no fructose or sugar and replace electrolytes lost in sweat and are great throughout the day, between training sessions and during a race.

15% Off Member Code MFP-TRIMBR15%