We were very happy to host a triathlon training camp with one of the world’s most renowned and accomplished triathlon coaches Brett (the doc) Sutton in partnership with Taj Dubai, and in addition to Fitness First Middle East, Bespoke Ride and Compressport/On Shoes.

Head Coach Brett Sutton:

For those who are not familiar with Brett Sutton, in addition to mentoring some of the sport’s icons, including current Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig, current Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Champion Daniela Ryf, and four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington, Brett Sutton has coached three individual Olympic medal winners, 15 ITU world champions and his athletes have amassed over a hundred 70.3 and Ironman championships. He is now head coach at Trisutto.com, where his focus is on providing coaching knowledge and services to age-group athletes.

Assistant Coach: Andrew Wright:

Brett’s assistant coach on this camp was Andrew Wright who is the coach of several emerging elite ITU athletes, as well as multiple age group Kona Qualifiers. His athletes consistently win Age Group races over all distances throughout Asia and Australia. A former professional athlete, he has trained with some of the world’s best athletes under the world’s best coaches including current Great Britain High Performance Manager, Ben Bright, and now working directly with Brett Sutton.

Andrew has created his own triathlon development and ID program in Hong Kong - with 10 years coaching experience he has had 11 Kona Qualifiers, 10 athletes represent at national level and coached age group athletes to over a hundred Ironman and Challenge podiums.

The camp took place between April 21 and 23, 2016 in Dubai, and was limited to twenty five athletes mostly from TriDubai with three athletes visiting from Abu Dhabi.

Thursday April 21: Participants’ Dinner with Brett

Camp participants had a dinner with Brett and Andrew at the il Caffe Di Roma in Business Bay, which was to introduce Brett to the athletes and to brief them on the main agenda and purpose of doing the camp and what to focus on taking out of the coming two days.

Friday April 22:

Outdoor Bike Session

The day started with a group ride at District One Cycle Track (Nad Al Sheba) were Brett had us doing a similar session to what World Champion Daniela Ryf was doing that morning; so we did several laps of the 8km track building intensity as one Lap Easy, One Lap Moderate, One Lap Medium and one or two laps MAD depending on athlete level.

The main idea behind the session is for the athlete to go by feel and not get tied down by data and metrics. This is why the zone reference that Brett uses with his athletes are indicative of feel (Easy, Moderate, Medium, Mad).


After the bike, participants moved to the Fitness First Platinum Al Manzil gym in DownTown Dubai for the swim session. Before the session the group gathered for a coffee and Brett gave a talk about the importance of getting swim fit in order to perform better at the other two disciplines during the race.

The group then proceeded to the pool to do the swim session which consisted of hard sprint repeat efforts with pull and paddle in between. It definitely read much easier on paper than it felt.

Swim & Bike Lecture at the Taj Dubai

Swim training Lecture covered techniques for the individual athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction.

We often complicate matters when it comes to swimming but Brett stressed on some of the main points to keep in mind if you want to improve your swim times while enjoying it and get to the bike fresher, namely the following:

1 –“Place press Push (…makes you go “wuuush”)” - “Thumb is king”

2 - Use your hand as Lever

3 - Enjoy being in the water

4 - Swim more

5 - Become swim fit

Bike Lecture – Taj Dubai:

Bike training lecture including: positioning, technique for the individual athlete, bicycle and component selection, skills, tools and other areas covering cadence, strength and torque sessions, as well as racing tips and advice.

Demonstration and Introduction to On Shoes and Compressport

On Friday afternoon, and in collaboration with Besport Bike Shop, representatives from On Shoes and Compressport were kind enough to offer a demonstration of their apparel, shoes and accessories for triathlons at the hotel and have generously offered some gifts to the camp participants as part of the event.


Dinner and Seminar with Brett Sutton including Q&A:

Buffet dinner at the Taj Hotel Dubai DownTown Business Bay.

Day 2: Saturday April 23rd

Run Session

The participants started their day with some serious run intervals, which was also a simulation of what Daniela Ryf was doing that morning. The session was hard and focused, and it was followed immediately by a group debrief chat on run form correction

Run Lecture

Lecture focusing on run training and technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools (hills, track, treadmill, road).

Stretching – massage, warm up and warm downs.

Injuries – prevention, treatment, athlete mentality and training around or through them.

Race execution – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals.

Nutrition talk by Coach Andrew Wright

The run lecture was followed with a talk by coach Andrew Wright about the importance of nutrition and what to fuel on before during and after training and racing.

Turbo session at Bespoke Ride

The camp participants proceeded after that to Bespoke Ride facilties in Al Quoz for an indoor bike training session generously hosted by the Bespoke Ride management and team.

Brett focused this session on teaching athletes the importance of knowing the feel of the effort and differentiating between Hard, Medium, Mad. The session included 30 x [1 minute all out in the biggest gear, 1 minute easy].

A debrief chat followed and Q&A on the bike session and other matters.

Other aspects that were covered during the training camp include:

Training philosophy – the Trisutto.com principles of periodization, the training mix, psychology + physiology, athlete development and the use of races within these considerations.

Triathlon is the integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach. We swim so we can bike well and we bike so we can run well.


Taj Dubai: Our main camp partner Taj Dubai for hosting our event and our guest and for their generous support throughout. The generous support from Mr Jason Harding and the Taj Dubai team is truly appreciated. https://taj.tajhotels.com/en-in/taj-dubai/

Fitness First: Kate Mile and the Fitness First management who were so generous in allowing them to use their facilities and swimming pool at their premium location at the Fitness First Platinum Al Manzil in DownTown Dubai. https://www.fitnessfirstme.com/en-GB/uae/find-a-fitness-club/al-manzil/

Bespoke Ride: Mr Raed Dabbous, and the Bespoke Ride team for opening up their top indoor cycling facility (Bespoke indeed) and hosting our indoor turbo bike session. http://www.bespoke-ride.com/

Compressport/ON Shoes: Thanks to Raslan Abbadi from Besport Bike shop in Al Quoz for arranging to support our event through Compressport and On Shoes and more so to Sergi Labori, and Brian McArthur for the demo and the gifts and goodie bags that were handed to camp participants.

Last but not least; thanks to all the athletes and members who have supported the event either by taking part in it, either as a camp participant or by attending the dinner.

Until our next season and camp, have a great summer and off season, and good luck racing around the world until then.