Great morning and great gathering at our annual TriDubai special swim today. Thanks again for DOSC management and Bekky Britton for arranging the venue. For those who have missed it or at least missed the committee meeting afterwards, below are the main points discussed:

1- Reminder of what TriDubai is: We are a group of dedicated triathlete friends training together and aiming to give triathletes in Dubai the opportunity to meet and train with each other. TriDubai is free for all, nobody commercially profits from it as such, and it's all-inclusive: athletes who are members of any other club/ coached by any coach / of any ability level are free to join in the sessions and be part of TriDubai. If you're on this page, you're a member.

2- Committee: A lot of work is being done behind the scenes by our committee members, and I am indeed privileged to follow in the giant footsteps of our founding Chairpersons Ian Le Pelley and Deirdre Casey, your work and efforts for TriDubai have been truly priceless throughout the years, thank you both, and hoping we will do you and the great man Roy Nasr proud. 
Our current committee members are the following: Chris Thorne Treasurer, Mike Bermingham Marketing, Diane Gordon Kits & Supplies, Paul Venn Communications and Public Relations, Ahmad Samra IT Master, Johan Moolman and Andy Edwards Training Coordination, I'm the Camps coordinator and current chairperson. Thanks also to all the training sessions leaders, the regular sessions on Wednesday Jo Edwardsand Karsten Due in addition to other training session organizers like Nick WatsonDavid MyersEmma PhillipsLynette Warn among others. Everyone is encouraged to take part and give whatever they think they can to add value.

3- App/Website & RACE REPORTS: Please download and use the TriDubai mobile app currently on iPhone but coming to Android soon. It's a great way to locate and login to the regular TriDubai training sessions.
Also please keep updating and enhancing our website with your race reports, you do not know how precious these are for people doing the same race in the future, and they are most often very entertaining reads, so please keep them coming, send them to me ( or to our IT Master Ahmad Samra.

4- Camps: A camp is scheduled for April 13-15 in Dubai with Brett Sutton and Matt Trautman. We are struggling to get a good deal with a hotel to run the lectures and rent the rooms, so please let me know if anyone can help on this.

5- Clinics: There will be some clinics planned with different local coaches on different topics and that will be announced in due course.

6- Socials: There will be an end of season social for TriDubai on April 28th. More details to follow in due course but book that evening in your calendar.

7- TriDubai name in international races; This is an important point to note, when you register for a race (either Ironman or otherwise) and if you would like to register under TriDubai, please make sure to register the correct club name that is TriDubai, capital T and capital D with no spaces between Tri and Dubai. This is to avoid the ranking getting lost due to dispersed numbers because of wrong entering of the name. You can email race organizers like Ironman and ask them to unify your races under one profile in case you have several profiles, or emails (you can check all your races on and unify them there as well).

8- Sponsorships here onward will be in kind, that is no money will exchange hands within TriDubai, but companies who would like to contribute can do so by partnering with other entities to supply triathlon related goodies free to TriDubai members in exchange for marketing and communications arrangements. It can be as simple as a support car for a group ride in the mountains. 
We currently need someone to help us in printing out some simple banners/flags for members to take to races and represent, as well as coffee travel mugs as per the request of many members last year. If you know of a company who can help on that above please get in touch.

9- Join our group on Strava and TrainerRoad (I have downloaded some race profiles on TrainerRoad of several popular race bike splits like Roth, Zell Am See, Kona, and I even recently uploaded IM South Africa 2016 bike course in case you still would like to bike it before the race, just join the TriDubai team on TR).

10- REACH OUT: This is the purpose of our group, so please reach out with any issue you have on triathlon no matter how small (even contact any of the committee members privately if you don't want to post it in public) We are very much here to help.

Again any other points or feedback you have to add value, and any service that you can give to the team is highly appreciated by all.

Apologies for the long post but just thought I'd keep everyone in the loop

Train safe and race hard