*** many thanks to Team Ramis for this blog post! ***


24 hours a day is simply not enough. I’m supposed to have a full-time job, socialize, train, sleep, eat (and everything in between) in 24 hours? Please! I don’t even have kids yet!

Also, since when is it acceptable for people to sleep past 9:30 p.m. and wake up after 4:00 a.m. No, it hasn’t always been like that! Yes, I am normal.

Also, I feel it is fair to divide the year into two seasons: triathlon season and, whenissummeroversoicanwakeupatahumanhour season.


The whole ‘exercising will boost your metabolism” thing is really not a myth. It works. Especially when you’re doing it for 20+ hours a week. In fact, sometimes (and especially after a long bike ride), it feels like there is not enough food in the world to appease my appetite.

Also, I can’t remember a time in the last 6 months when I was not slightly hungry. Or thirsty.

Also, I may have forgotten what it is like to drink out of cups. No, seriously.


My head is so damn strong, I can take yours on anytime, anywhere. Honestly, when you’re spending that much time alone – just you, the water, the road and the silence – it gets hard to keep going if you cannot muster a serious sense of discipline, of will to push through the plateaus and endlessly long hours and just.keep.going.

Also, it gives you plenty of time to reflect on your day, your life and your decisions – and it’s much cheaper than therapy.


My car serve as a large storage spaces for water bottles, extra socks, shorts, spare garmin straps and goggles. Basically, I have everything I need to swim, bike or run with a 5 minutes’ notice. It may also smell slightly like a locker room. And I’m not even embarrassed by it.


My wardrobe is comprised largely of wearable lycra in all its glorious forms.


My sense of humor is now (arguably) catering exclusively to triathletes. I like to ask if certain clothing makes my butt look faster. I also say think things like “pain is temporary; race results posted on the internet are forever”. Not that it makes me go any faster (unfortunately).


Some part of my body is always aching. Some part of my body I never knew existed is always aching and I have visited more specialists than I knew existed. Did you know, for example, that there is a machine that actually measures your running stride? Huh.


The money I have been saving for retirement (or my next holiday, whichever comes first) has magically drifted to aerobars, garmin everything and some fluorescent workout tops. Maybe also a turbo trainer.


My girlfriends are insanely jealous of my tan. Until they realize where the tan lines actually stop.


I have seriously thought of using my race bibs as wallpaper.