After the successful running of the trial race earlier in the season, the first TriDubai Jebel Ali Resort triathlon took place on Saturday 30th March.  It was also a huge success!

The race - which was organised by David Mutch - was sold out a few weeks before the start, and so we had pretty much 200 people take part.

David gives the race briefing to the awesome competitorsIt was a sprint distance race - with the 750m swim in the marina at the Jebel Ali Beach Resort.  This was triathlon, Dubai style:  "just turn left at the super-yacht"!

After smashing themselves in the swim, the racers headed up to a packed transition in the main car park to grab their bikes and head out onto the loop outside the hotel for the 20km bike leg. 

The final leg, the 5km run, involved a bit of the dreaded "sand running" just to finish off anyone's legs that hadn't already had enough.

Sand isn't fun. Especially after a 750m swim and a 20km bike!

Not only did we have the top local triathletes taking part (Oli Godart and Deirdre Casey being the standout male and female Dubai based athletes in the last couple of seasons), but we were also graced with triathlon royalty in the shape of 2005 Ironman World Champion (and 5th placed finisher in the event in Kona last year), Faris Al Sultan.  He won - but not by much!

Faris giving it some on the sand

You can see the results here (or an online version here).

A huge amount of effort went into organising the race by David Mutch and his team of helpers - thanks to David and the many, many people that volunteered to help!  (Thanks also to Sven Polter Photography and Andy for the photos above).

Many thanks also to Edgar who put together this fantastic video of the event:

The race even made it into local newspaper 7Days [click on the article for a larger version]:

We hope that next season we will be able to build on this race, and have a mini-series of races at the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.  Watch this space!