*** many thanks to Vicky Arscott for this lovely blog post ***

Saturday 28th September 2013, 5.45am, a slightly earlier start than normal for our TriDubai Sea Swim, but for a very good reason. As crowds gathered on Roy’s beach, it would have been apparent to onlookers that this was no ordinary weekly training session, but a poignant celebration of an inspirational man that was cherished by so many.

Fellow triathletes, colleagues, family and friends came along to share in this special memorial swim, something that will always be remembered as a moving tribute to our dear friend and founder of TriDubai, Roy Nasr.

As dawn approached, everyone congregated around a pictoral tribute to Roy and was handed a paper lantern.

Admittedly they were not the easiest of things to light, but as we watched the glowing lanterns rise above our heads and drift out to sea, it was symbolic of a humble man who had such a wonderful presence and grace and yet was so vibrant and full of life.

A moving speech given by Ian, recalled a man who was not only a superb athlete, an enthusiastic and encouraging mentor, a successful business man, and a thoughtful friend, but also the man that stood at the heart of a loving and devoted family. He added “we may have lost our friend, but we’ll not lose our memories of him and the impact he had on us.”

TriDubai, the triathlon club that Roy and Ian built together and which Roy was so very proud of, would serve as a lasting memory of what an inspiration Roy was to so many. A minute’s silence followed before we all took to the ocean for a slow group swim.

With around 130 in attendance, this was the largest group swim for TriDubai. People from all backgrounds took to the water in memory of Roy, this was a celebration of his life, and what better way to celebrate it than at the swim session he would normally lead.

It brought together people outside of the Triathlon community who shared a mutual respect, appreciation, and admiration for Roy. 

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Roy always did like to throw in a treat for us, whether it be water bottles, swim caps, museli bars, or gels and today was no different. Special memorial towels bearing the words “In Memory of Roy Nasr” were handed out to all that attended.

A special thanks goes out to all those who helped organize the Memorial Swim and continue to work behind the scenes on other tributes intended to celebrate Roy’s life, for the many people who continue to support TriDubai and the Triathlon community, and to Roy’s family – a family who, despite facing the toughest challenge of all, have welcomed us with open arms to share and celebrate in remembering Roy’s remarkable life.

“Remember Roy Nasr”

(24.02.1964 – 06.09.2013)