The TriDubai Saturday swim pioneers!

The first ever TriDubai Saturday morning swim took place this morning (8th September 2012), with a group of around 15 swimmers tackling the still-a-bit-too-hot-for-swimming sea at the Umm Suqueim beach next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Vicky took part, and had the following to say on the facebook group: 

"So.....i did my first sea swim ever today, courtesy of Roy and the team. Rocked up just about 6.30am, give or take a minute or so...with little idea about what i was committing myself to. So, after the "warm up" (HAH!), it was time to step it up a gear, however in hindsight it seems i only have one gear, the "survival" gear. After cutting a few 200m corners.. yes i managed to mistake the 200m course for the 400mcourse and subsequently led someone else astray too (sorry about that), it came to my mind that when i'm done here, i should track down the makers of Men in Black just incase they're thinking of doing another movie, because there are a number of people ahead of me that should audition for those characters that look human but arent. Yes these guys and ladies swimming endless laps at olympic speed are super impressive!!! however being a complete novice and obviously far from their level, they were super supportive and managed to get me back in the water for a few extra sprints... which was great, because i thought my arms were finished!! Anyway im just posting this, so that if there are any other newbie triathletes or beginner swimmers who are a bit unsure of whether to come.... you should ...they're a great crowd and trust me you cant be any worse than me :-) you have to start somewhere so get that alarm clock set for next week."
Glad you enjoyed it Vicky!  And thanks for the kind comments.

We also did a time trial around a roughly 800m course - many thanks to Alex for coming down to timekeep - with the plan being that we'll do the same thing on the first Saturday of each month, so you can see how your times are comparing (hopefully getting quicker!!).  The times will be uploaded onto the facebook group page.