The beautiful people from TriDubai and Intersport!

*** many thanks to Abbe Le Pelley for this post ***

Warm thanks to Roy and the team at Intersport for organizing TriDubai’s first workshop at Intersport, Times Square, last Tuesday night.

Around a dozen TriDubai members turned up for the workshop, from a host of ‘newbies’ to Tri veterans!  I’m sure some of us will walk away having learnt more from the evening than others, but I think we’d all agree that it was a very useful opportunity to talk kit, technique and to learn a few new skills - as well as an opportunity to meet fellow TriDubai members in their ‘normal’ clothes!!!

Thanks to Steve of MaxiFuel, another sponsor of TriDubai, for kicking the evening off with a brief overview of the MaxiFuel products and their benefits (after a hungry workshop I have to recommend the MaxiFuel chocolate orange bar!!!).  Steve – you promised to organize a tasting session....we will hold you to that!!!!  I’m sure most of the members would love one of these after the Saturday morning sea swim. Am I right?!!!!

Obviously huge thanks goes out to our partner Intersport for kindly hosting the workshop, and for bringing their top bike technician Ryan over from the Festival City branch.  For me, and I think most of us present, Ryan’s run through of basic bike skills were exceptionally helpful.  I was happy not to be the only one in the room not to know how to change a tire and I certainly learnt how important it is to take more care of my bike.  I will start cleaning it and oiling the chain from now on.  Well, I didn’t after last night’s ride but at least I’ve taken the first step and bought the degreaser!!!! One step at a time!

Aside from bikes we talked a bit also about wetsuits and transitions too.  It was a great opportunity to ask questions and I’d recommend that, if there is another workshop in 3 or 4 months, all newbies take advantage of this unique opportunity to ask questions of the TriDubai veterans and the Intersport staff.

If you went to the workshop and you have any feedback then please let TriDubai know.  It’s great to hear what you thought was useful (they can make sure there is more of that in the future!) but also if you’ve got a few ideas of what could have been covered but wasn’t then let TriDubai know by commenting here, or on Facebook.  Alternatively, if you didn’t go but would like to attend one in the future, let TriDubai know what you’d like it to include.  This was very much a first effort, and a good one at that, but only by letting the team know what you’d like to cover can they build a workshop to tailor to your needs.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Intersport for their support of TriDubai in general and for their generous sponsorship that was presented to TriDubai at the workshop.  I’d also like to remind you all that as TriDubai members we are eligible for a 15% discount at all their Dubai stores!  I have already taken advantage of this with my degreaser; lets just hope I use it!!

Well done again Roy, and thanks Intersport!