We've been working hard with Wolfi's Bike Shop for some time now to come up with the best triathlon race suits we can find.

We've gone with the new 2013 range from Italian manufacturer Castelli: we've tested the suits (we like them a lot!), finalised the design, and by the end of February 2013 they should have arrived at Wolfi's Bike Shop.

We are going to have both a 1 piece suit and 2 piece suit, so you can choose the style that you like the most (it may be both?!), or the one that works best for the type of racing you are going to be doing.

One piece suit: built for speed

Find out more details about the kit here.

Wolfis are going to be stocking the kit, and are going to be selling them to TriDubai members at a great discounted price of AED 595 for the 1 piece, and AED 350 for each of the top and bottom of the 2 piece.

As an extra discount, any members ordering kit before 31st December will get the special “early bird” discounted rate of AED 495 for the 1 piece, and AED 295 for each of the top and bottom of the 2 piece.

To take advantage of the "early bird" extra discounted rate, all you need to do is go to Wolfis and order the suits that you want before 31 December.

You can find out the right sizing for your suit by looking at this sizing chart.  Wolfi is also carrying samples for you to try on at the shop.

We hope everyone likes the suits (actually – we hope you LOVE the suits!), and look forward to seeing lots of people training and racing in their TriDubai kit in 2013!