We are extremely excited to announce that TriDubai has arranged for a couple of top triathlon/ cycling sports scientists from the UK to come over to Dubai to carry out a "triathlon performance workshop" on 17-19 January for the club.

Garth Fox (Sports Scientist & Endurance Performance Coach) and Rob Kitching (Cycling Coach, performance modelling specialist and founder www.cyclingpowermodels.com) will be visiting the Emirate specifically to deliver the workshop for members of TriDubai.

Hatta Fort Hotel and surrounding mountains...
Over two days Garth & Rob will review and dissect the physiological and technical determinants of performance in triathlon (using the case study of an imaginary rider targeting a breakthrough performance in an Ironman 70.3 race).  The event will combine theoretical concepts and advice with practical testing and benchmarking for all participants.

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 20 participants (to ensure that everyone gets a certain amount of individual attention)

Workshop details:

Thursday January 17th (Evening)

  • Presentation – Physiological & Technical determinants of performance.  Includes the use of power, aerodynamic optimisation, pacing and inter-sport considerations.

Friday January 18th (All day – including an early start!)

  • Performance evaluation and reactive physiological planning in cycling.  A series of short time trials to estimate rider’s critical power curves.
  • Run performance testing over 5km allowing estimation of 70.3 fatigue adjusted race pace.
  • At Lunchtime – A short presentation introducing the afternoon session.
  • Aerodynamic field testing for cycling. A practical testing session to estimate rider’s aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance, key determinants of bike leg performance.
  • Recovery time and optional swim technique advice in the Hatta Fort pool.
  • In the Evening – A presentation reviewing the day’s data, its value in performance modelling and introducing the final activity.

Saturday January 19th (early start to 12 Noon)

  • An uphill cycling time trial which anyone can win!  The event will be handicapped using Saturday’s data and performance modelling techniques.

Following the workshop, all participants will receive a personalised report which will include details such as estimated CdA (drag coefficient), estimated Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP), estimated Functional Threshold Power (FTP), estimated VO2max, estimated energy spend (kj or kcal) in the context of a ride such as the specified IM 70.3, estimated ride time for the specified IM 70.3, training zones for HR and power, and estimated run times for 5km through to marathon.


Thursday:  Dubai:  Presentation on Thursday night will be at a location in Dubai (exact location TBC)

Friday and Saturday:  Hatta Fort Hotel:  All activities on Friday and Saturday will take place either at the Hatta Fort Hotel, or on the roads surrounding it.  All participants are strongly encouraged to book a room at the Hatta Fort Hotel.  We have negotiated group rates with the hotel for the workshop.  Once your place is confirmed on the course we’ll give you the details you need in order to book your room on the Friday night.


Cost for the workshop (which excludes the hotel booking) is AED 1,495. 


To reserve your place please get in contact as soon as possible!