It's sometimes said that swimming is 80% technique and 20% fitness.  In other words, in the water, good, efficient technique is far more important than fitness.  

In comparison, for cycling (and to a lesser extent, running) fitness is arguably more important than technique. People can perform those sports well relying mainly on fitness whilst getting by with poor technique.  Not so in swimming.

Want to improve your swim technique?  TriDubai has teamed up with Dubai Masters Swimming Club to offer a FREE stroke technique session at the pool at Kings Dubai on Saturday 15th December from 5 - 6.30pm.

Seth from DMSC will start the session with a general discussion about the key elements of good stroke technique and what to look out for, and then will give specific advice to each person on their stroke.

The session is limited to 18 swimmers (3 per lane) to ensure that everyone gets some one-on-one tips.

Get in contact if you'd like to join the session - first come first served.  And no cost!