*** Many thanks to Paulo Costa for this report from Kona, Hawaii ***


[We have two members of TriDubai competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii this Saturday 13th Oct - Stefan Spies and Simon Marshall. Best of luck to both of these awesome athletes!  Not only that, we've also got a couple of team-members, Paulo Costa and Anne Petersen who have headed out there to watch!]

Long day with a proper athlete's breakfast to start with at 6:15am, before heading down to the swim start. Marshall and Marta (another IM athlete) did a 15:15:15 swim/bike/run, while me and Annie went for a 1h swim on the swim course. Amazing to swim there with corals and the fish underneath us. We met Marshall back at the car and was time to go shopping. Expo was open till 2pm, and bike checking would open at 3pm. Marshall went back to hotel while we stayed downtown the whole day. 

At bike check-in, we finally met Stefan which was in a very good mood and looking very strong.

We also had the opportunity to see a few of the pro-athletes being interviewed and checking in their bikes. The atmosphere is simply amazing to the point that you get goose bumps. Unfortunately, mobile phone battery was drained and no chance to take pictures. Tomorrow I'll be better prepared. At the end of the day, ha the opportunity to do a 8k run along the coast back to the hotel. Amazing. Will swim and run all I can before heading back to the sandpit. Not sure if I'll be able to do it when I'm back, after doing it in such amazing conditions. 

It's 9:30pm here and it's athletes should be in bed by now. We'll be driving Simon to the starting area at 4:30am, with a 4am wake up call.

Looking forward for tomorrow, and hopefully with some good pictures of the guys. They have done a great job to get here and they look great, so it is just a matter of what the gods will "serve" tomorrow. 

Time sleep. Over and out.
Anne, Simon, and Paulo: looking good the day before the big one!